years of experience


thousand unique viewers during one broadcast


successfully completed transmissions


million viewers in 2015 in aggregate


Why us?

We are constantly pushing the limits of technology, while adhering to highest standards of quality, naturally with personal attention to our client's stringent requirements.

Streaming, on mobile

We deliver your programme to just about any hardware / browser configuration, including the majority of the World's popular mobile devices.

Highest HD quality

Every transmission leaves our van or portable module at HD quality, while arriving at the end point at the appropriate quality for the viewer.

Live Facebook streaming

Leverage the power of social media to reach new audiences, and engage existing viewers.

Receive payments from viewers

Fast, simple and secure payments integrate with most of the World's popular payment systems.

Moderated chat

Instant, and personal: engage your viewers with a (moderated) chat - and display the interactions as part of the stream.

Eight simultaneous language tracks

Eight language tracks as standard. With a little efford, we can extend those almost indefinitely.


We work with the best providers to guarantee end-point quality of stream

360 video

Spherical video transmissions and recordings.

Outside Broadcast van


Our advanced outside broadcast van is at your disposal: able to handle the largest productions, even in areas with limited internet access (we bring our own!)


Virtual multimedia studio

How does a virtual studio help communicate with your audience? Simple! Place your presenter in the context of what he or she is talking about; support live action with sophisticated graphics; augment your presentations with viewer interaction... All this and more is possible with chroma key and real-time 3D rendering. This is an effective solution where, for instance, brand personalisation and richness of content are of paramount importance.

Monetisation strategies


Monetise your programming with easily an implemented, highly flexible and secure solution. Smooth interaction with viewers allows for varying levels of ticketing and access control, post-event VOD, multiple payment methods, and - importantly - layers of fraud prevention and security.