Music and theatre live


Whether a single stage, or many performances at once, whether a simple camera setup or multiple crews with complex jigs or drones – we add a layer of immediacy and closeness to a live performance transmission. And, of course, your viewers have the ability to select camera views, add comments on social media, and engage in other ways.


Sport LIve

Greater ability to engage means more pleasure and satisfaction for your viewers: replays and tracking, user-selectable camera views, multiple language tracks, sophisticated displays data and game statistics – all can be integrated into your next sports event transmission. Using the latest fibreoptic and wireless camera connections, we can be virtually anywhere, getting your audience even closer to the game.

Live events


Events are in our blood: our crews have covered thousands of board meetings, conferences, product launches and state visits. We know how important it is for everything to go smoothly so we handle every aspect of each project from beginning to end. With high-grade equipment, much of which we have designed ourselves, and experienced, reliable producers and crew, we bring highest quality and personal attention to every project.


Virtual studio

Our chrome key studio, combined with a 3D graphics solution gives you the ability to create complex virtual backrounds for your presentations, add extra layers of data visualisation to your broadcasts, and engage audience in real-time with, for example, voting or contests. All this can be combined with multi-location (bridge) transmissions, viewer call-ins, and so on, to build up truly comprehensive, high quality programming.


StreamOnline is a technology company, masquerading as a video production service :-) We continue to push the limits of what can be achieved with live web streaming. From writing our own software solutions, to scouring the globe for the latest gadgets, we are continually improving our technology back end. For you this means ever better results, and ever more satisfied viewers, participants and business partners.

  • Outside broadcast van with HD/4k capability
  • Full HD/ 4k capability
  • Wireless camera system
  • Fibreoptic 4k system
  • Replay system
  • Micro-cameras with HD capability
  • Live drone-mounted cameras
  • JimyJib camera crane
  • Playout / graphics in real time 3D ViZRT