Take advantage of our extensive experience, know-how and technical prowess. We have produced just about every kind of live web streaming, from conferences and interactive debates, to webcasts and presentations, and from corporate training sessions to music performances. Here are just a few examples of what we can do:


Proprietary player

The player is fundamental to the success of a transmission. Our clients demand high quality and flexibility, which means we continue to develop our own custom solution. For you this means being able to specify precisely how your viewers will experience your transmission.

Key features of our player:

  • designed for delivery to mobiles
  • multiple language tracks
  • auto-switching quality of stream (LQ, SD, HD)
  • multiple picture-in-picture
  • extensive Facebook integration
  • DRM protection
  • timeline markers
  • DVR digital video recorder
  • pre-roll advertising
  • 4-camera live grid
  • Call to action options (automated, personalised, email, order, etc.)

CDN Servers


A global network of servers allows us to deliver consistently high quality transmissions with virtually no limits on size of audience. Built on the massive global reach of Akamai, our network of over 160,000 edge servers in nearly one hundred countries guarantees highest possible quality of stream to any location you might wish to access.

  • World’s largest Content Delivery Network partner: Akamai
  • 160 000 edge servers
  • reaching 1200telecommunication networks
  • entry points in ninety+ countries
  • virtually unlimited bandwidth 🙂


sales platform
(cooperation with KSW in 2013-2016)

  • dedicated TV platforms
  • easily monetise your content
  • global payment system
  • IT helpdesk support
  • Paypal etc. : we support all leading payment transaction providers
  • secured streaming
  • ticket sales and authorisation
  • advertising content within the player