360 camera array


Spherical video transmissions and recordings let your audience feel as if they were right inside the action. The only limitations are the viewer’s bandwidth and hardware.

  • Live 360 event coverage
  • Sales and promotional presentations
  • Virtual walk-throughs
  • Support for Oculus Rift, GoogleCardboard
  • Adversiting productions
  • Interiors 360
  • Music and theatre 360
  • Sports 360
  • Fashion shows


Our technologies

360 live
Surround-video transmissions

Delivery to a web page or a Facebook page.

Video recordings 360
Virtual walk-throughs

From hotels and resorts to break-through architectural projects, from luxurious yacht interiors to industrial training and familiarisation: 360 video puts the viewer right there!

Mobile applications
All platforms

Your audience can watch wherever they happen to be, whether at home or at work, on the underground or waiting for a plane. Our technologies are designed to deliver high quality streaming to all current iOS and Android devices, whether smartphones or tablets.

We support
Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard

Both live transmissions and recorded video may be viewed on multiple platforms, operating systems and devices. Our player delivers the stream in the most appropriate format, whether for iOS or Android, Occulus Rift or Google Cardboard.

A massive CDN
Akamai infrastructure

Thanks to the infrastructure of our partner Akamai, any number of your viewers can access your programming at optimal quality, from just about anywhere in Earth.

Proprietary player
We support all current web browsers

Using our highly configurable custom player, we can place your stream in any web page, whether public or private, part of a publishing system or a stand-alone landing page. We format the player according to your requirements of branding and colours, and add any requisite additional information.